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I personally just didnt like Pete and Shortys, their hamburgs reminded me of them microwaved ones..

Hey atleast you get nice guests. Im nice to mine and they fucking rob me. Now I know why they were hanging around the desk, not because they enjoyed my conversation and my humor.. No the dirt bags were watching my moves. Now at the end of the day was it worth it me being nice to them?? No.. My poor boss is 230$ poorer. Im through being nice to these people. Them welfare rats ruined it for everyone. I of course do not work at an upscale hotel like you do. I mean I dont even have a name tag- but I once took pride in them knowing my name without one on.. Peace out homeslice

Stan Champion

Pete & Shorty's reminds me of the time I was working at the Pizza Hut on Montague in Greenwood many years ago. About 20 minutes before we were suppose to close, an elderly couple walked in and asked me, while I was vacuuming the front, if there was a good place to eat in town. Assuming that they didn't prefer pizza, I told them that The Dixie down the street had pretty good hotdogs and hamburgers. They said that they were in the mood for pizza. Somewhat puzzled, I said that we had pretty good pizza. "No, No," they replied. "It looks like you're getting ready to close." "No," I responded. "We're open for another 15-20 minutes." "No can do," they answered. "Just tell us of another place that serves pizza." "Well," I thought for a moment. "What about the Pizza Hut on the By-pass." "Great, Wonderful...just tell us how to get there." So I gave them directions. "When does it close?" "In 15 minutes." "Do we have time to get there?" "Yes, if you hurry," I responded and off they went. 20 minutes later they came back to tell me that the Pizza Hut on the By-pass was closed. I thought, "No shit!" "Could you please tell us of another place?" I suggested the Huddle House since by then it was the only place open in town. "Do they serve pizza?" I hesitated to see if I was on Candid Camera or if they were on drugs for senility. When it was clear to me that they were just plain stupid, I replied quite hesitantly, "No, I don't think so!" "Well, just send us to a nice inexpensive motel." "Isn't that an oxymoron," I thought, "like freezer burn or jumbo shrimp?" So I sent them to the motel where all the crack dealers and prostitutes hung out, you know, the ones who usually grab their pizza late at night as well. I figured that this couple would never know the difference! The next day, they came back by the Pizza Hut during regular business hours and ordered a pizza. "Great suggestion, Stan! We had a wonderful night's sleep!" Noticing that I wasn't wearing a nametag, I asked them, "How do you know my name?" "Well...when we were checking in the clerk was curious as to how we found out about this place. We began to tell him about this real nice man at Pizza Hut and he quickly responded, 'Oh yes! Stan the Man...he sends them down here all the time!'"


Heres a good ignorant request from a guest. Last night at 3 am Liz the night auditor discovered smoke in hall after a power outage. She dialed 911 and started calling each room to tell them to vacate because there was a fire. There was a small fire in the laundry room- but the whole first floor was smokey.

Tonight I am sitting at desk and this guy who stayed with us before and ended up changing rooms about 4 times for such stupid things- says to me How will I be compensated for being woken up so early in the morning? I said I dont think we are compensating people. I asked him if he would like a later check out.. No that wouldnt do he was leaving early. I asked him w hat he wanted. He wanted a free room. No sir thats just not possible. (We dont do free rooms here.) He then threatened me saying he was calling the better business bureau. I told him to do what he had to do- but we were looking out for him; would he of rather us not called him and then the building could of burned down and he could of died? Thats our policy to do what Liz did... He then told me he would never stay here again, I told him Good, We dont need your business acting like that. Saved by the bell the elevator opened when he got on he called me a bitch..

I dont even care to be nice to people anymore. If attitude arises I give it right back.

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