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Don't let it bug you !

I like the "new look" and the water cooler..keep it up.


Stan Champion

That reminds me of the time I was staying @ the L' Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington DC. Since I was checking in as a 2nd (or 3rd party, depending upon your point of view), giving the front desk clerk a credit card # was entirely optional. I chose not to give them my credit card # and thereby was informed that my refrigerator and cabinet full of liquor and other goodies would be locked up tight for the night. "At those prices," I thought, "I could buy a shotgun and put myself out of my L' Enfant Hotel misery." Anyway, when I arrived upstairs, I noticed that my cabinet full of goodies was locked, but my refrigeration unit was not. Being a deeply religious man with a serious summer cold, I thought, "Hot damn...the Lord hath provided." I continued my religous experience by drinking four 16 ounce bottles of juices for $3.50 apiece. I looked around for the wafers, but found none. To my horror, the next morning some utilitarian ethnic man came by to check my refrigeration unit. How did he know? Did I miss the laser show inside my refrigerator the night before? How about the party inside my pants? Anyway, I said, "Yeah, dadgummit, I drank four juices... yeah, dadgummit, I ate those 12 ounce $3.25 M & M's too...what? No, I didn't eat the $5.00 mint! I don't care what you think, I didn't eat that god forsaken mint and you better not charge me for it!" Almost immediately, I went downstairs to check out and volunteeringly confessed (like I said before, I'm a deeply religious man) that I had drank four juices and one pack of M & M's because I couldn't find the wafers. My bill came to $18.00 and as far as I know (are you reading this Tim), no one ever paid for that mint and shouldn't have because I didn't eat the dadblame thing! I was so mad, I could have very easily eaten a roach that day. It's good protein, ya know! Too bad my room was clean.

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